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Visa & work medicals

Our GP’s are happy to complete a variety of different VISA and work medicals, we have outlined some of the more requested medical checks however if there is something outside of this list you need please contact us for more information.

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Vison or hearing exams

Please be aware that some medical forms may require a separate vison or hearing exam. We recommend you have these done before your appointment so you can bring the results with you to your assessment.

Medical assessment requirements

To complete a medical assessment, we will need you to also bring with you a copy of your ID, either driving license or valid passport and a copy of your GP summary print out. This can be obtained from your usual NHS provider. The reception team should be able to print this for you upon your request.


Please note that these prices can change quite a lot. Do contact us for details on exact fees.

  • Kingdom of Bahrain primary care and public health medical £453

    Appointment 45 minutes – £180
    ECG – £75
    Completion of form – £29
    Stool sample test – £53.00
    Blood test – HBSag – HIV and HCV, VDRL – £120.50

  • JET medical £159

    30 minute appointment – £130.00
    Completion of medical from – £29.00
    Referral provided for the chest x-ray (this holds an additional fee payable to the referral service)

  • China Works Medical £453

    45 minute appointment -£180.00
    ECG – £75.00
    Form completion – £58.00
    Blood test – HIV – £44.50
    Blood Test – Syphilis – £50.50
    Blood Test – Blood Group – £49.50
    Referral provided for chest x-ray (this holds an additional fee payable to the referral service) The blood group may not be needed if you can provide evidence that you know your blood group.

  • Pre-Employment medical Saudi Arabia £392

    45 minute appointment – £180
    3 page medical form completion – £29.00
    Blood test -Blood group – £49.50
    Blood test -DL2L profile – £60.00
    Hearing and eye test needed elsewhere.

  • Pre-employment medical Bangkok £303

    45 minute appointment – £180.00
    3 page medical form completion – £87.00
    Blood test – Full blood count – £37.50

Please note that all prices are correct at time of publication. It is always worth checking the fees with the reception team in case the medical forms have changed from when these fees were collected.