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Healthy Heart Health Check

Why is it important to look after your heart?

Your heart is one of the most important organs in the body. Every part of your body needs a fresh supply blood in order to function normally. This is your hearts job to pump fresh, oxygenated blood regularly.

What can go wrong?

Problems with your heart can occur when your arteries become narrow, usually with a build-up of fatty material on the artery walls. This can cause a wide variety of problems such as heart attacks, angina or strokes.

The Healthy heart check at Stonegate Medical Clinic is designed to help detect any issues early, giving us the chance to work together to improve your overall health and hopefully prevent any more serious health issues for the future.

What does the Health Heart check include:

·     Blood taking appointment
·     45 minute assessment with an experienced GP
·     Urine dip test
·     Pulse and Heart check
·     Lifestyle and diet advice
·     10 year cardiovascular risk assessment
·     weight loss and stop smoking advice
·     Resting ECG
·     Blood pressure evaluation
·     HbA1c blood test
·     DL4L blood profile

From £405.00

We can also tailor each health check to suit you with a variety of additional blood tests available if appropriate.

If this is something which you would like to arrange please contact the clinic now.