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Fully Comprehensive Health Checks

Take control of your health today by booking a health check.
All our health checks are 100% doctor led and personalised to address your specific needs. You are given time to discuss issues that are important to you, including any health concerns, existing injuries, family history, stress levels and quality of sleep.

Why should I have a health check?
Health checks are a prefect way to assess your current health and highlight the warning signs of any developing health condition. Knowing your risk can help you take action to improve your health for the future.
We want you to be as healthy as possible and detect any potential future health risks quickly! Giving you total peace of mind.

Which Health check is right for me?
We offer a variety of Health Screens to suit you. The table below shows your options and what is included in each particular health check. Please do remember that we can tailor each check to assess any particular concerns that you have, if you are unsure what you may need please call us on 01904 631815.


You also have the option to add an appointment with our nutritionist or dietitian to the health check package. They will be able to give you the advice and support you need to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. If you would like this please discuss this with the reception team upon booking.

What can you expect from having a health check with Stonegate Medical Clinic?
From having a health check with us, you should then have the knowledge and guidance from our experienced team to work towards a healthier you.  You will receive a report outlining the findings from the health check, this will include helpful, and easy to follow tips and advice.

Will my insurance help?
If you have private health insurance it is worth checking what coverage you have for health screens as a lot of providers have an allowance, which can be, redeemed against health screens of your choice.


  • Mini Health MOT – £335.00
  • Full Health Check – £670.00
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