Female 18-44 Annual Health Check, Stonegate Medical Clinic, York

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Female 18-44 Annual Health Check

Women's Health Private Gp Clinic York

Female 18-44 Annual Health Check


“Women’s annual medical including bloods”

  • Consultation with an experienced female GP including in depth health screening questionnaire, key physical measures, physical examination and blood / urine tests
  • Be prepared to give a detailed past medical and family history including treatment/therapy and surgery and any current effects of health issues on your wellbeing, physical, mental health and relationships.
  • This consultation includes full health screening tests: ECG, blood pressure, height, weight, body composition: percentage body fat/muscle/visceral fat, BMI, Metabolic Rate, urine dipstick, venous blood samples and lung function tests (vitalograph)
  • Our GP will review your signup questionnaire for any general and women’s health problems, review diet, lifestyle and relationships, work life balance and tailor examination to areas at risk or identified for improvement.
  • Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Abdominal, ENT, Skin and neuro/musculoskeletal systems will be examined; optional breast examination and instruction on self examination is also included to give you confidence in self care
  • Risk profiles help build a picture to direct the GP to give advice on risk reduction options to reduce Cardiovascular and diabetes risk, alongside relevant subjects such as optimising fertility and reducing menstrual problems, weight management, reducing mental stress and optimising work/life balance
  • Optional STI screening can be added on request or may be recommended by the GP who finally works with you to create an action plan covering significant findings of the session and achievable goals for the coming year.
  • Consultation fee includes in house therapist referral letters and 2 external referral letters.
  • Relevant private prescriptions, additional blood tests and arrangement of scans / investigations are offered for an additional fee.
  • Blood test that are included:
    • FBC + 5-part blood cell Differential ESR
    • Sodium
Calcium Creatinine
    • Albumin Globulin Bilirubin ALP AST
ALT Gamma-GT Total Protein
    • Glucose Uric Acid
    • HDL Cholesterol LDL Cholesterol Triglycerides.
  • A consultation report is available to you online, copied to you or your NHS GP on request.