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Mesotherapy is a technique that uses small injections of specially prepared nourishing vitamins, minerals and other naturally occurring substances that are found in the skin to improve the appearance, brighten and tighten skin.  There are a number of different treatments that can be given and our clinician will tailor your treatment plan specifically for you.

Mesotherapy can be used for:

·          localised fat reduction on the legs, buttocks, hips etc
·          treatment of cellulite
·          to improve hair regrowth
·          skin rejuvenation and improvement
·          Hyperpigmentation
·          fine wrinkles
·          acne scars
·          sun damage
·          pore size

About your treatment

To ensure that the treatment is the right one for you we firstly arrange a consultation with the doctor.  In this consultation you can discuss your concerns and expectations from the procedure and the doctor can advise you of the most appropriate way forward for you. You will be given your own personalised treatment plan during this appointment and the doctor will advise you of how many treatments you are likely to need to achieve the result you want.

A further appointment will be arranged for you, if you decide to go ahead with Mesotherapy.  During this second appointment you will be given a series of injections with a very fine needle, into the middle layer of the skin, this area is where the cell repair and growth occurs. The procedure will take around 40 minutes in total. Your follow up treatments will be booked at two – three weekly intervals.

What to expect after the treatment

During the procedure there may be some minor discomfort. Typically patients need three to six treatments initially, with top up maintenance treatments every six months. A personalised treatment plan will be set up for you as you may need more, or less treatments to achieve your desired result.

After the treatment you may have a small amount of swelling and possibly some redness around the injection sites, this should clear in approximately 12 hours.

There may be a small amount of bruising also but this should clear within two – threedays. Infection is very rare.  Recovery is very quick and you can immediately return to everyday activities, although it is advisable to avoid strenuous activity and alcohol in the first 24 hours following the procedure.


1 session – £175.00

3 sessions – £500.00

4 sessions – £600.00

We are currently offering FREE consultation for your o discuss this treatment with the doctor. If you would like to arrange an appointment please call us on 01904 631815